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The Story

The secrets of the Earth could cost you your life. In this isometric, sci-fi shooter, you take on the role of Danielle, a freelance mercenary tasked with retrieving an AI stolen from Earth by the evil Empire of Mars.
You have 60 minutes to shoot and solve your way through a secure Martian facility before the Earth’s secrets become public. 
The fate of the world hangs in the balance.


Impossible Rescue is an isometric action game where the player has to infiltrate a Marsan Weapon Facility in order to find and rescue the president`s AI daughter.

Our team was tasked to develop Act 1 of the hero's journey. The gameplay focuses primarily on simple projectile combat and dodging hazards while the narrative is explained through story panes and in-game cutscenes.




It features :

  - 4 Themed fully playable levels

  - Simple projectile based combat

  - Story pane cutscenes & dialogue

  - Defined control scheme

  - Themed UI

Gameplay Trailer
Gameplay Video
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Technical Designer: Player Behavior, Animation, Enemy AI, UI design and implementation

  • Level Design - Level 4 Design, Implementation, Scripting, Sound Effects

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