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Cave Souls

Cave Souls is an action platformer with a heavy emphasis on the platformer aspect, created in Unity. The goal was to create a game where the player can chain together different actions and perform them fluidly. The player character can jump, duck, wall slide, dash, wall jump, hang on a chain, climb a rope, attack, block, and parry. The levels are designed in a way that the player has to combine these actions to progress in the game.

There are 4 different types of enemy units each with different AI and designed to serve the platforming gameplay experience. Frogs and skeletons are used to control areas while the ghosts and skulls are mobile enemies in hard-to-reach places that require jumping to reach them.

By killing enemies the player can earn experience to level up and gain a skill point. Each skill point can be spent to purchase a skill that is randomly offered to the player at each level.

The game has a stamina system where various actions have a stamina cost that regenerates slowly.

All the assets used in the project are free and available on or created by myself.

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