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Welcome to Lucid Nightmares, a captivating single-player psychological horror game where players will unravel mysteries, confront enemies, and delve into the secrets of the past. Take on the role of Ethan, a retired police officer plagued by constant nightmares of a tragic event that haunts his subconscious.

As the player, you'll navigate through a series of cryptic puzzles and engage in combat with entities born from Ethan's troubled psyche. These puzzles will challenge your problem-solving skills, requiring you to gather and manipulate items, activate switches, and decipher hidden clues scattered throughout the environment. These clues can take the form of items, images, text, and audio cues, providing essential information and guiding you forward.

Prepare to face four distinct enemy types, each presenting unique challenges and requiring different strategies to overcome. To aid in your survival, health and ammunition can be discovered within the world, encouraging exploration and resource management.

Equipped with only a lighter, you'll uncover hidden messages and reveal invisible enemies lurking in the darkness. These hidden messages offer fragments of the story, helpful hints for combat and puzzle-solving, and delightful easter eggs for the observant player.

Lucid Nightmares offers a challenging experience where resources are scarce, and some puzzles demand unconventional thinking. Prepare yourself for a haunting journey where every decision matters, as you confront your deepest fears and unravel the mysteries of Ethan's troubled mind.

Full playthrough of Lucid Nightmares

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