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Lucid Nightmares is a single-player psychological horror game where players solve puzzles, fight enemies, and discover secrets. The player controls Ethan, a retired police officer who has constant nightmares of a tragic event that happened in the past. 


Over the course of the game, the player has to solve cryptic puzzles and combat entities created by the protagonist's consciousness.
Puzzles consist of picking up items and placing them correctly or activating switches. Clues are hidden in the environment and vary from items, images,  text, and audio cues.

The game has four enemy types; each provides unique challenges to the player. Health and ammunition can be found in the world to encourage exploration.


The player is equipped with a lighter that uncovers hidden messages and unveils invisible enemies. The hidden messages provide story bits, helpful hints on how to engage enemies or solve puzzles, and easter eggs.

The game is challenging, resources are limited, and some puzzles require the player to think outside the box. 

Full playthrough of Lucid Nightmares

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